Respirable Dust and Silica for Schools

Especially important for Art and DT Teachers

Silica and respirable dust is an evolving picture in terms of health and safety.  This course (hosted as a live online webinar, with a qualified tutor) covers:

- Creation of dusts in school
- The growing occupation hazards
- Differences between respirable and visible dusts
- COSHH risk assessments
- The definition of the student and their legal risk
- Air Monitoring
- Industrial/Educational Hygiene
- Clay
- Sanding
- Fumes and Vapours
- LEV/Dust extraction
- Record Keeping
- Respiratory protection
- HSE Advice

At Sustrain, we are very much against low quality online training which does not allow for stories to be shared or questions answered-and is often high demotivating.  Our live webinars combine the convenience and cost saving of learning from any location with the quality that can only be found with instructor led training.  The webinar is offered twice per day on many days of the academic year, giving delegates maximum flexibility to find a time convenient to them, and group sizes are kept below 16.

Additionally the instructor is available for 1.5 hours to ensure that after the 45 minute training, ALL questions can be answered.

£ 45 per delegate (including itemised certificate)

Please do register your interest in this important subject.