Administering Medications in Educational Settings

Whilst an educational setting is not that of a medical one, very often staff are required to administer medications to children and young people, with just a First Aid at Work Certificate, where such an activity is strictly outside of the remit of the syllabus.
Certain, and common medications prescribed to young people in school can cause legal and practical issues-especially Ritalin, a Class B substance.

This course is designed to cover as wide a remit as possible with regards to the practicalities and legal implications of medicated young people in school and educational settings, and has been designed with 15 years of experience.
This is certainly not a training that advises against the administration of medicines, but a pragmatic and practical method of how to avoid various legal pitfalls and how to cover all aspects of health and safety with young people who are medicated and with medical needs.
(1 Day)

£ 170 per person

Dates Available 2019 (other dates can be made available for a min of 10 persons)

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